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LG steam closet

The most interesting appliance that LG had on show was the second generation of its Styler cleaning system. It’s essentially a narrow closet that can store and clean dress jackets and pants. LG says that the styler basically does a dry cleaning process without chemicals

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Spider Dress

Designer Anouk Wipprecht creates some of the most intricate, tech-infused apparel ever made. From her show-stopping Faraday dress, demoed at Bay Area Maker Faire 2014, to her mood-logging Synapse dress, she’s pushing the boundaries of what is possible with today’s technology.

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BMW Smartness at CES 2015

The BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights uses lasers to project the main beam 600 metres down the road – twice that of conventional headlights – with an automatic Selective Beam anti-dazzle feature that cuts out some of the light to prevent blinding oncoming traffic.