I am Ryan Arnell. I am a research centric user experience designer with a background of coding and a passion for motion graphics.

I believe that breakthrough products are created by teams with genuine empathy for users and strong relationships between engineering, design and business. Empathy is the cornerstone of organizational learning, and I establish strategies and methods to bring the user’s voice into each phase of product development.

I’m a user experience engineer with 15 years of well rounded experience. I have a wide range of skills for user centric design with a background of front end development. I am an advocate for design thinking. My passion is photography, videography and animation.

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Ryan is about the nicest guy I have ever worked with. He rarely if ever gets upset, and does a superb job at coding websites on the front end. He even gets his hands dirty in the back end which is a rare quality. Ryan is unique in that he also has talents in photography and interactive design. I am very honored to have worked with Ryan and hope we cross paths again in the future.

Ryan was working for an IBM Business Partner while I was working for IBM. I was his  supervisor and mentor. The project lasted for almost a year. I can only describe Ryan’s work ethic as outstanding. Since he was located in Singapore while I worked in Germany we had to cope with different time zones. I am impressed by his enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor.

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan for a few months at IBM. Ryan is focused, hardworking and approachable. He is always able to strike a perfect balance between understanding the big picture and the finer details with ease. Backed by strong design fundamentals, Ryan is able to solve complex problems methodically. As a fresher, my on-boarding process into the project was made as smooth as possible due to Ryan’s efficient management.