The best part about the LG Tone Infinim (HBS-900) Bluetooth headset ($149 from AT&T, varies at Amazon) has nothing to do with its top bullet point, the inclusion of Harman-Kardon sound.

The most interesting appliance that LG had on show was the second generation of its Styler cleaning system. It’s essentially a narrow closet that can store and clean dress jackets and pants. LG says that the styler basically does a dry cleaning process without chemicals

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is here, and Qualcomm is ready.

In our booth at CES, those interested in IoE will find plenty of examples of how technologies from Qualcomm companies are helping create the fabric of the IoE.

Designer Anouk Wipprecht creates some of the most intricate, tech-infused apparel ever made. From her show-stopping Faraday dress, demoed at Bay Area Maker Faire 2014, to her mood-logging Synapse dress, she’s pushing the boundaries of what is possible with today’s technology.

As Voxel8 Business Director, Daniel Oliver, explains, “Effectively, you could build a quadcopter with any geometry you want, stuff it with the components – on the motor- and the board-side

The BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights uses lasers to project the main beam 600 metres down the road – twice that of conventional headlights – with an automatic Selective Beam anti-dazzle feature that cuts out some of the light to prevent blinding oncoming traffic.

This article talks about Voxel8’s 3D printer, spider dress, XYZPrinting’s fast food printer and Intel’s RealSense 3D selfie.