Bluemix driveway workshop


Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 offers enterprise-level companies a way to use core and memory capacity licenses across a pool of IBM Power systems, where ever and whenever they are needed.

Date: March 1st and March 2nd
Location: IBM Executive Briefing Center, Littleton, MA 0146

The goal

The goal was to get out clients hybrid cloud environment jump-started with a Bluemix Design Services workshop to blueprint Bluemix integration services.

The agenda

This was a one and a half day event. Usually workshop like this requires about 3 days or so. But since we were flying in customers from all over the country, we couldn’t get more of their time. Based on the information I gathered before the workshop, I selected the following exercises. 

The outcome

I successfully educate the attendees on the availability and use of Bluemix, Bluemix Integration Services and the IBM Connect offerings in support of hybrid cloud applications.  Through this session I also introduced clients to Bluemix Garages as a follow-on activity in which they will be able to create a new “cloud-native” applications for their businesses securely leveraging core business data on Power Systems on premises.