Wise Electric responsive website


This is the last project I have worked on while working for SpringboxWise electric wanted to have their website redesigned with a modern look. Also they wanted to convey the information that they are very member and community driven.

My role

Assessing their website, we quickly found out that to re-position their brand and image, we will require lot of photographs as assets. We asked them if they are open for a photoshoot. They approved and we headed to Decatur, TX to perform a 4 day (and night) photoshoot.

Design process

I wanted to know more about this local electric company and their clients. I arranged a phone call with the manager and then found more about the clients they serve around the area. I interviewed couple of them over phone.

The brainstorming process included considering different design layout. We sketched ideas and prototyped two among them. The client preferred one idea which we took further.

UX Design 
Prototyping in Axure for this project was very useful. Our client was very flexible and understanding. They gave many positive feedback which helped us iterate the protoype until we were sure about out clients need.

We shot photos simulating their community driven culture. We invited 30 people for a BBQ lunch to simulate the annual meeting for the shooting of the Hero Image. I shot photos of couples, family, workers, farm cows to use throughout the website.

Photos and videos I shot that we used throughout the site

We received lots of greetings once the website was published- bot from the client and members who helped us during photo session. The company is now the number one electric supply company in the county.