Project Monocle


IBM Project Monocle is a patch management application that provides information to Power Systems users to effectively patch and plan maintenance on their systems, and allows teammates to form alignment on next steps.

My role

I worked as the front end engineer for the project. We had a researcher, visual designer and a user experience designer in the team. I worked with my team closely to develop this angular product fast.

Design process

This project was a little different than our usual. We were not dependent on the backend team. We were allowed to create a database using the data in hand and use that data to make a functioning product. Our main goal was to find the user pain points and solve those by creating a simplified interface that works.

I used angular for this project. I worked with the user interface designer and researcher closely to understand the issue and provided prototypes that could be tested easily with users. Once we decide on the feature, I coded the functionality.

Low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity design

Development handoff

We used JIRA and trello to manage our design work with the development team. We wanted to be a part of their process so that we are more integrated rather than a separate entity that is just there to make things ‘prtetty’.

Awards and recognition

In November 2017, InVision featured Project Monocle in its short documentary that explores IBM’s design thinking story and transformation.

In April 2017 Doug Powell, Distinguished Designer at IBM Design introduces Project Monocle as an example of how teams are using Design Thinking to develop “awesome user experiences and run their business in a dynamic, agile, and inclusive way” at the O’Reilly Conference in San Francisco.