Power Enterprise Pools 2.0


Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 offers enterprise-level companies a way to use core and memory capacity licenses across a pool of IBM Power systems, where ever and whenever they are needed.

This is done without assistance from a System Administrator. And, the capacity that has not been previously purchased can be used in a metered “pay-per-use” fashion.

And, the capacity that has not been previously purchased can be used in a metered “pay-per-use” fashion.

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My role

I worked as a user experience designer for the project. I worked closely with the user researcher, visual designer and finally the development team.

Design process

We had a group of users who uses the current product as a regular basis. Our researcher had regular interview sessions to find out their pain points. I sat through the user calls and collaborated with our researcher.  Based on user feedback I created low fidelity prototypes addressing their pain points. Then we went back to the users to test the prototype again. After few testing sessions when we felt confident about the prototype, we moved into a high fidelity design. In this step, I might have used a visual designers input if required. Once we tested the high fidelity prototypes and made adjustment to the design based on users need, I will hand off the prototype to the development team.

Low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity design

User feedback on various pages

Stylegide for Enterprise Pools

Responsive design layout for tablets for Enterprise Pools

Development handoff

We used JIRA and trello to manage our design work with the development team. We wanted to be a part of their process so that we are more integrated rather than a separate entity that is just there to make things ‘prtetty’.